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Specialist Valve Services (SVS), Energy Services International (Eserve) and Asset Integrity Solutions have come together to develop an Intelligent Total Valve Management solution and brings to market a template providing our clients with a strong business justification for total valve replacement, remedial and major valve repair processes and optimised maintenance schedules.

Our mission is to deliver a solid application of well-engineered valve integrity techniques and solutions that significantly enhance asset safety, production, people and corporate knowledge, by reducing technical risks of unplanned outages and exposure to potential major incidents.

Specialist Valves Services

  • Asset Protection
  • Incident Investigations
  • Down Time Reduction
  • Maintenance Optimisation
  • Multi-discipline Engineering & Detailed Design
  • Fabrication & Machining
  • Project Management
  • Conceptual Engineering Methods
  • Maintenance / Historic Performance Analysis
  • Reliability / Criticality / Sparing Assessment
  • Detailed Design Engineering
  • Onsite Survey / Construct & Destruct requirements
  • Redesign / engineering work capability
  • Valve Supply
  • Valve Overhaul & Refurbishment
  • Parts & sparing supply


Categorising the valves after completion of survey

  • CAT 1 - No of signs of corrision evident
  • CAT 2 - Minimal cosmetic corrosion
  • CAT 3 - Visible Substrate corrosion
  • CAT 4 - Severe substrate corrosion leakage, unable to operate

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Our Mission

SVS are committed to providing value for money, embracing the highest standards for project integrity from a single valve to a complete package.