We Offer a complete range of valve instrumentation for every application, from simple isolation to manifolds for pressure, flow or level measuring instruments. Valves for special applications.


Hand Valves and Gauge Manifolds

  • Double Block and Bleed Valves
  • Quill injection
  • Static pressure measurement
  • Pressure gauge isolation
  • Instrument isolation



  • Pressure management
  • Differential pressure measurement flow & level
  • Gas, liquid or steam service


Modular mounting system

  • Pressure and differential pressure management
  • Designed to meet SIPM/SHELL installation requirements
  • Petrochemical
  • Refining



  • Pressure management
  • Primary isolation service
  • Gas, liquid or steam service


Technical Data

  • Size Range: 1/4" - 2" (DN6 – DN50)
  • End Connections: Flanged, Hubbed, Welded, Threaded
  • Pressure Class: ANSI 150 lbs - 2500 lbs, API 5K – 15K
  • Materials: All Types Available

SVS has been the official Scottish partner and distributor of Indra Valves Italy for over 5 years, their ability to provide high quality instrumentation and Double Block & Bleed valves has allowed them to cement their position as a trusted and reliable valve manufacturer.

For more information on Indra products visit their website:

IndraValves Indra Valves Italy


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